Importance Of Social Media in Digital Marketing

By | August 15, 2019

This is the marketing branch also called social media marketing. Its goal is to create adequate visibility for a company or public figure, through social channels.
Well implemented, this is an extremely successful web marketing strategy that leverages the ability of social platforms and web applications to generate:
· Interactions between users, also known as commitment
· Share, called social exchange
· Assistance and support, defined as social care.
· Increase the visibility and reputation of a brand or brand, increase its market presence and, consequently, its business and profits.
Social media marketing is an extremely powerful medium. It enables businesses, organizations and associations of all sizes and structures to build and maintain relationships with users of different social channels.
This factor is extremely important because it allows, if it is well planned, to carry out all the strategies that make the customer or potential customer the true protagonist of the communication.
In fact, many companies also use different social platforms for their loyalty activities and their technical / commercial support before and after sales (Social Caring).
With the advent of the Web, there were initially only Internet sites, then portals, aggregates and finally virtual communities were born.
4 reasons why a company must be present in social networks
These are the benefits that social networks offer businesses and the main reasons why every business can not avoid being there.
Why should a company be present in social networks? If the answer you are about to give is “because everyone is already here,” know that you are partly right.
We know that the number of subscribers to the main social networks is constantly increasing, that the average of active users is always more important and that if only one of our competitors decided to test the ground and began to reap the benefits, it could be appropriate to do it. a movement
At first, we talked about a partial truth because we would not be serious or professional on our part if we supported the need for all types of businesses to be present on social networks. It’s a choice that has to be made according to the type of audience, although there is no doubt that if our ideal goal is among the most active and most present on social networks and we have not yet created account, we really risk losing. A great opportunity. But what are the reasons why a company should be present on social networks? There are 4 here.

  1. New customer service opportunities
    Social customer service really is an important resource for businesses because it allows them to quickly solve all the problems of their customers and cultivate the relationship with them. Obviously, this is a delicate activity to do and that is why it is good to call on professionals who devote themselves to it with care and attention.
  2. Direct relationship with customers.
    There is no doubt that social networks are a privileged channel for direct dialogue with customers, but if this phase is not treated with the utmost caution, it runs the risk of igniting. We must never underestimate the environment: we start this adventure only if we have the time and the resources to do it; The customer will expect a smart and responsive business and, if we do not meet his expectations, he will inevitably be disappointed.
  3. Reduced costs compared to other marketing activities.
    Social networks are essentially free channels: there is no need to pay fees to register or manage accounts, or to communicate directly with users. However, given the strong competition, there is no doubt that any company that decides to adopt a marketing plan for social media must include and reserve part of its communication budget for paid ads. Organic visibility has been significantly reduced and without such operations we can barely get noticed.

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