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By | December 28, 2019

Hide WhatsApp’s Profile Picture, Status & Last Seen from specific people.

**Hides WhatsApp’s Profile Picture, Status & Last Seen from specific people.**

Whatsnot, a new practical user friendly app which now entitles Whats app users with more on the security department. Even though security features in Whats app are decent, there lies an issue in user privacy section which priers and stalkers take advantage of. With the number of users rising to more than 800 million worldwide, this flaw is more dangerous than ever. The security flaw can now be dealt with, by using Whatsnot.

There is no option in Whats App to hide your Profile Picture, Last Seen or Status from a specific set of people.The most a user can do is to change privacy settings to My Contacts. But how about those rarity of times when the unwanted contact becomes the most wanted. That’s when Whatsnot will come to your rescue.This above mentioned Privacy issues in WhatsApp can now be fixed by installing “WhatsNot”. Adding friends, blocking unwanted users from your Whats app account is what this software does, without minimising your ability to customize, while also retaining your contacts. So, the next time an unwanted person calls ,you can efficiently block him/her because your contacts are unhampered, while disallowing him/her to intrude your privacy.

What exactly does “WhatsNot” do?

-Now Upload Photos,Status without fear of being compromised
-Your ‘last seen’ is customizable
-Efficient way to hide your WhatsApp’s profile from prying eyes
-Contact information is retained
-Calling feature for hidden contacts right from WhatsNot
-A Caller Id for hidden contacts
-Add a new contact to contact list from WhatsNot
-Simple and user friendly application
-No hidden charges and stays FREE for lifetime.

Disclaimer: This app does not make any changes to WhatsApp’s App or does not claim to be associated with it or its parent company.

Whatslog is:
* Exact online / offline intervals
* Up to 10 profiles of each network
* Full time job
* Faster support service

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