Paytube apk download – earn money by videos

By | January 20, 2020

Watch videos, and for each one you complete, you earn points.

Do you enjoy spending your time watching 30 sec video? Would you like to download free status videos of Bollywood movie clips and share your feelings on WhatsApp video? What if you can earn reward points for watching a video and remedy it later for your mobile credit. Wouldn’t it be fun!  You can make some mobile balance while enjoying your favourite tunes.

Paytube is best free short video app to watch, download, and upload trending videos for whatsapp Videos. In Paytube we have categories to fulfill your every need. If you are a makeup fan or looking for some skin care tips. Or you like funny clips to gather the happiness in 30s. On top of all we wouldn’t let you feel left out on this biggest trend. 

Reward Points:
Paytube will be dedicated to its audience enjoyment. We will be collecting your reward points upon watching, downloading and sharing our video. The user will have the liberty to upload its favorite video for others to watch.

Paytube Key Features:
Massive Status Videos
Enjoy trending videos from our vast range of categories such as Music, Punjabi songs, Naat and Ahdit, Animation and Makeup
Start your day with motivational quotes and quick tips to stay f it.

Mark your favorite video and download it whenever you like.
Upload your favorite video for people to enjoy and share.
Watch and download Videos to collect reward points. Make sure to watch a lot and reach your easy Load limit
You can remedy your reward points by simple click and easyload will be transferred to your given number.

Fast Free Downloads, Collect cash and enjoy.
You can download and save any video songs for free within a few seconds. Once downloaded, you can share your favorite video songs to your friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Daily Win Easy Load by Top Scoring

Khelo Pakistan is an addictive and awesome game for Pakistanis. The Game is very easy to play & the person with the Highest score of every day will be given an easy load of Rs 100 on next day. (On all Pakistani carriers)

There are 5 Easy Steps:
1. Register
2. Login
3. Play Game
4. Submit Highest Score
5. Win 100 Rs. Easy Load

More Chances of Winning :
You will be given referral code, share that referral code with your friends & Family.  Each referral will gain you points and it wil be added in your Highest score everyday.More the people register with your  Referral Code More the Chances for you to WIN!


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